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    My partner and I (both bitcoin enthusiasts) have been working months on Coingig. We want to provide sellers the opportunity to create a real business, come and open a store, sell their products, and have them added to our inventory. Whether its a line of clothing, electronics, or even food, we will support it all!

    What do we provide exactly?

    -We allow users to create their own store to put up inventory and start a business.

    -We allow the selling of physical and digital goods (will be added soon).

    -Sellers can customize their own store with a store name, unique url, logo placement, and social media links to attract more followers.

    -Sellers have built-in product analytics tools to help keep track of sales and store traffic.

    -Our site works worldwide so anyone from any part of the world can open up a business and start selling their products.

    -Buyers can come and purchase products instantly with our easy signup and payment process.

    -Our feedback system is one of the core features on this site, we will rely on customers to leave feedback for each item so that we can provide a strong, valuable, and trustworthy community.

    What makes us different than other sites?

    -We are not an auction site, we work on a fixed-price model that is used for actual stores trying to create a real business but don’t have the tools and resources to do so.

    -We are looking for those that want to create a real online business or that are looking for another distribution channel to sell their products for bitcoin.

    -We also run our site on the Cloud, so we have 100% Uptime with the Best Security, Top-Notch and Effortless user interface, and make it Fast & Easy for anyone to come and buy or sell.

    Are there any fees involved?

    Yes, the only fee is a 2.5% sellers fee that is discounted for every successful item sold.

    We hope this site will create a huge upwards trend and attract new and old bitcoin users to help give the economy the big push it needs, so lets forget about the price and focus on the fundamentals of bitcoin, we are all in this for the long run!

    Our Website:

    submitted by glassuserr

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